The Cumby

The Cumby is celebrating its FIFTH year as a fundraising event in support of the Cumberland Community Forest Society’s efforts to preserve the forests surrounding the historic town of Cumberland. Thanks to the generous support of our runners and sponsors we’ve so far managed to donate over $64,000 to this great cause.

The Comox Valley Road Runners (CVRR) are again hosting a 25k Full Cumby and a 13k Half Cumby trail race, and our newest race, the 5k Mini Cumby, introduced last year to provide opportunities for our younger runners to race and for walkers to explore the Cumberland Community Forest at a slower pace. We want to encourage children and youth to learn about trail racing in our gnarly Cumberland Hills.

The Cumby 2020 will take place in the hills above the picturesque and historic village of Cumberland. Where once it was the largest Chinese community north of San Francisco and was supported by coal mining, in the last decade Cumberland has developed a new reputation as a mecca for mountain biking and outdoor adventure. The Cumby takes advantage of an extensive system of bike trails. The route also includes parts of the Vancouver Island Spine Trail and provides scenic vistas of Baynes Sound and Georgia Strait.


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