Cedar Ultra

The Cedar Ultra is a 3/6/12/24 hour solo ultramarathon in beautiful Hemer Provincial Park, Cedar BC. You will compete against the clock to see how far you or your team can go. Whoever runs the farthest wins!

Cedar Ultra Race Format
There will be a marked loop on the trails in Hermer Park 3.3km you will run as many laps as you can until the last half hour where you will move to a smaller out and back of 1km until the time ends then your distance will be noted. The one who goes the farthest wins.

In the relay format the team will stay at the Start/Finish area for each loop and switch off as they see fit. Some teams will do 1 lap a person others will do 2 or 3 depending on their runners and race strategy. It is completely up to the team. In the last hour they will switch to the short course until the time is up. Whichever team goes the farthest wins.

Start Times

  • 24hr & 12hr night — 7pm on Friday 05 June
  • 12hr — 7am on Saturday 06 June
  • 3hr & 6hr — 9am on Saturday 06 June
  • Anytime 10km — Start anytime between 7pm on Friday and 6:00pm on Saturday

NOTE: The 24hr, 12hr and 10km night racers must have a headlamp/flashlight.


Cedar Ultra not for you? Try the Anytime 10K – a unique race where you can run a 10km race at anytime over the course of a 24 hour period.

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