5k Foam Fest

When was the last time you and all your friends dressed up in crazy fun costumes and got totally muddy? Or how about the last time your boss dressed up like a loofah and did a face plant in foam? If you can’t remember, it’s time to let loose and have fun! With such a foamy “funcore” atmosphere, it’s an absolute party before, during and after your run! And because of our “funcore not hardcore” feel, you’ll fit right in with our crowd regardless of skill level!

Guaranteed you’ll be foamy, muddy and wet by the end of the 5k Foam Fest.

We aim for 22+ obstacles per course, from the Chamber of Foam to the Spider Web Forest. You’ll crawl through Mud Pits, monkey around in the Cargo Climbs, bounce your way through adult sized inflatables and ride the 50 foot Slip n’ Slides. Show off your skills and laugh your way through this ‘funcore’ run. Check out our obstacles and see just what you’re getting yourself into.

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